Friday, June 13, 2014

Gift That I Get Everyday

Every day in our life brings something new and teaches us something very important, 
provided you are ready to learn. Well this post is about what I learn everyday from my five year old.
He is notorious but sincere also, keeps me on my toes but cares for me also, hard from outside but soft and pure inside, naughty, lovable, affectionate and most importantly he teaches me in many ways.
Everyday he wakes up early in the morning and goes out with his father and when he comes back hiding something in his hands, I just love to see that sparkle in his eyes, slowly he moves his hands towards me and tells me lovingly in his soft sweet voice "Mumma just for you" and everyday he do this just to make me happy and to see a smile on my face, he brings frangipani flowers for me every morning that he finds lying on the walkway. 
He hates waking up early in the morning but then too he gets up, gets ready and goes out and comes back sometimes with one, sometimes with two and sometimes with lot of flowers even wilted flowers too in his hand and that teaches me dedication and pure love.

And he insist me to keep them in water or in a vase so they stay fresh longer. So everyday I use them in different way and never forget to click them. Here I am sharing some lovely clicks.

Offered it upon Ganesha's feet. Looks holy!!

Put among my shells. Looks lovely!!

On Buddha's head. Looks Divine!!

Even on coasters. Look beautiful!!

Near Buddha. Look serene!!

On my heena candles. Look fragrant!!

Hanging up on lamp. Looks wonderful!!

On coffee table. Looks magical!!

With Buddha they look mesmerizing!!
These are the life's little joys that I have engraved in my heart. I will cherish them forever. 
And I will keep learning something new everyday from my son and from anyone else who comes across or anything that happens around. 


  1. Such a lovely post Disha. I can relate with this very well. Made me smile :)

    1. Thanks Reshma, so glad to know that you can relate :)


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