This blog is about my loving child Lakshya. Its a memoir of his daily activities, his milestones, his naughtiness and some wonderful and unbelievable things (like any other kid) that he does. He is now ready to go school and for me its right time to create a journal for his new journey.

Being a wife of husband who works round the clock, I found raising a kid (that too all alone) bit difficult but it has made me stronger and I learnt a lot during this phase of my life. Having a baby is the best thing that has happened in my life. I feel content, I'm growing mature, I learnt to do sacrifices, I learnt to control my emotions, I feel happy and blessed all the time since the day my baby has arrived in my life.
That's why I say "If I have given birth to my baby, he has also given birth to a MOTHER.....mother in me."