Thursday, September 4, 2014

Teacher's Day Card

I love everything about our Indian culture, its festivals, traditions and special days. New generation gets to learn so many things. In past few months we celebrated so many festivals and special days. During this time my son learned a lot about our culture, tradition and history too. 
On 4th Sep they decorated their classroom to celebrate Teacher's day the next morning. He came home and in elated mood he asked me " Maa do you know whose birthday is celebrated as Teacher's day and before I gave the answer he told me it's Dr. Radhakrishnan Sarvepalli. I was so proud. Then he asked lot of question about him and we were discussing lot of things about Teacher's day together. Then he said something that really touched my soul. He said, "do you know my teacher is very good teacher but she is not the best because you are my best teacher. You know once you told me "Your first teacher is your mother" so you are my best teacher Mamma!!"
Yes, once I had told him that 'Mother is the first teacher' and he remembered. I hugged him and said thank you!!
He then told me that he wants to make a Teacher's day card for his teachers and want to sing some song for them too. Lot of work for me!!
Well, an idea clicked in my mind at the right time and I decided to make a card that depict a life of teacher very well. I recalled a Doha from 'Kabir Dohawali' that goes like this:
                              Guru kumhar shishya kumbh hai, gadh gadh kadhe khot,
                              Antar haath sahar de, bahar bahe chot!!

Lakshya: The Aim Of My Life

And I was all set to give this doha a shape............

Lakshya: The Aim Of My Life

My little helper was there to help me through out the process. He tried making coils. Some failed attempts and he did it.........

Here is complete look of Teacher's day card...

Lakshya: The Aim Of My Life

Closer look...

Lakshya: The Aim Of My Life

Now that most of my time and energy I had put in making the first card the second card had to be a simpler one. The message was that 'Teacher nurtures student's life'...........

Lakshya: The Aim Of My Life

Then I asked Lakshya to write the message on the card. First card's message was:
Teacher is a potter, student is a pot
Gives shape and cures the flaws with care,
Protecting from the palm inside,
while pounding the pot from outside!!

Lakshya: The Aim Of My Life

Here is second card............

Lakshya: The Aim Of My Life

Time for some click click..........

Lakshya: The Aim Of My Life

Lakshya: The Aim Of My Life

I liked how both the cards turned out. Hope his teachers will like them too.
When Lakshya was done with the cards, he prepared a song too. I enjoyed the time we did this activity together a lot. I must say a day well spent!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And We Made Giant Bubbles.........!!!

While I was absent here....lot was happening in my world.
My son and I spent lot of time doing different activities in his summer vacations and I wanted to post them all but kept procrastinating it endlessly. Now that I have lot to share let me start with this recent one. We made giant bubbles and believe me it was so much fun.
You can find the recipe for Giant Bubbles here

Summer Activity

As we were doing this activity in our small  balcony so I didn't make bigger frame for making bubbles.

Summer Activity

I would suggest you do this activity in open, windy and big space like garden. 
Here he blows giant bubbles.

Summer Activity

As the day was not that windy so he blew most of the bubbles himself.

Summer Activity

He was very happy to see the giant bubbles though those were not really giant. Next time I will make bigger frame to double the joy that I saw on his face. He remained hooked doing this activity for long time and I was busy capturing those memories and priceless joy that we got doing this activity together. 

Summer Activity

Pure joy of motherhood!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Gift That I Get Everyday

Every day in our life brings something new and teaches us something very important, 
provided you are ready to learn. Well this post is about what I learn everyday from my five year old.
He is notorious but sincere also, keeps me on my toes but cares for me also, hard from outside but soft and pure inside, naughty, lovable, affectionate and most importantly he teaches me in many ways.
Everyday he wakes up early in the morning and goes out with his father and when he comes back hiding something in his hands, I just love to see that sparkle in his eyes, slowly he moves his hands towards me and tells me lovingly in his soft sweet voice "Mumma just for you" and everyday he do this just to make me happy and to see a smile on my face, he brings frangipani flowers for me every morning that he finds lying on the walkway. 
He hates waking up early in the morning but then too he gets up, gets ready and goes out and comes back sometimes with one, sometimes with two and sometimes with lot of flowers even wilted flowers too in his hand and that teaches me dedication and pure love.

And he insist me to keep them in water or in a vase so they stay fresh longer. So everyday I use them in different way and never forget to click them. Here I am sharing some lovely clicks.

Offered it upon Ganesha's feet. Looks holy!!

Put among my shells. Looks lovely!!

On Buddha's head. Looks Divine!!

Even on coasters. Look beautiful!!

Near Buddha. Look serene!!

On my heena candles. Look fragrant!!

Hanging up on lamp. Looks wonderful!!

On coffee table. Looks magical!!

With Buddha they look mesmerizing!!
These are the life's little joys that I have engraved in my heart. I will cherish them forever. 
And I will keep learning something new everyday from my son and from anyone else who comes across or anything that happens around.