Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hello Readers!!

A big warm welcome to my new blog 'Lakshya: The aim of my life'. 

Mother Baby

I have been writing this blog since June 2011 when Lakshya (my son) joined school. Earlier it was like journal to keep record of all his activities but my near and dear ones who gone through this blog wanted me to make it public so I gave it a thought and here I am. I think sharing my experiences of raising a kid with other mommy bloggers and readers can be mutually beneficial. I would love to interact with other mommies and to learn more about happy parenting. Read more about this blog here
Why I chose 'Anant Chaturdashi'  to launch this blog because five years ago in 2008 Lakshya was expected to arrive on this very day but he arrived almost two months earlier that is on 15th July 2008 to make this date even more special for us, as my husband and I got married on the same date. More about his birth I will write later on. Posts that I have been writing in this blog since past two years are now in draft. Only some posts are visible that I found interesting and worth sharing :)
I hope that you all lovely people will always be there for me through out this blogging journey just as you pamper me with your love on my 'Decor blog'.